An accidental confirmation

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An accidental confirmation

Postby Lau » Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:17 pm

Will post a little experience that happened the very first day i downloaded one healing crystal from Frank's Download Healing Crystals youtube video.

I did as instructed on the video but wans't sure if i had done it right so i didn't try it right away.
I left the pen i ordered the crystal was downloaded to, on my bedside table, near my cellphone and went to bed but couldn't sleep so sometime later i grabbed my cellphone to check what time is it and i saw the batery was charged from 14% to 17%!

After that experience i did 2 tests, each time i left the pen near my cellphone and around 10 minutes it would charge 1%, half an hour another 1% and finally around 1h30 the last 1%.

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