Allergies and Bacterial Infections

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Allergies and Bacterial Infections

Postby disavowed » Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:30 am

I wanted to submit my testimonial for the healing cards and protoi healing in general. I am simply amazed at the power and accuracy of the card's energy. The first night I used the cards for bacteria I immediately noticed that my typical symptoms (lack of sleep, digestive bloating, skin itching) from H Pylori and Staph infection were far less of an issue for me. Over the years I have tried every natural herbal remedy, energy healing method I was aware of and nothing helped. Since starting the protoi healing cards, my symptoms of weight gain, water retention, poor digestion and brain fog are rapidly improving each day I use the healing cards. I can now eat most anything with none of the former symptoms and my thoughts are more clear as well. I have also lost weight (yay!). I am starting to also use the cards for allergies with great improvement just today already!

Thanks so much for bringing this technology into the world!
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Re: Allergies and Bacterial Infections

Postby Δύναμις » Sat Sep 10, 2016 3:02 pm

disavowed wrote: I have also lost weight (yay!).

I like this kind of side effects :lol:

Really happy our Healing Cards could help you. :text-thankyoublue: for sharing your experiences! Our crystals (also the ones in the cards) get updated automatically. You can start healing programs within the range of your healing tool (Base Card or Pearlgonite) for as many people as you want. People that travel a lot and leave the range, should better carry a Base Card with them all the time, so the healing continues. Otherwise it stops as soon as they leave the range and starts again as soon as they come back.

All the best!


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