Virus + Bacterial Infections Heal Quickly ...

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Virus + Bacterial Infections Heal Quickly ...

Postby oni » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:29 pm

Two weeks ago I came down with a severe fever that turned out to be strep throat. Further, one finger and one toe ended up being infected due to the ailment ... I was distraught but decided to give the healing cards a shot. Frank was able to personally assign me a regiment based on my sickness(es) and I quickly put it into affect with my octoganal pearlgonite as the base. The next morning, my fever had passed and later that day my throat was noticeably better. By the second day, my finger was well on its way to healing and my energy levels began to return (note: was also employing the powerful benefits of the healing energy video on myself along with a task to upgrade the power of the healing cards in conjunction). Four days later, to both my and my family's dismay / relief, I was what I would call fully healed.

I have never recovered from a sickness this severe in such a short amount of time. Even more, now I feel better than ever, as if the sickness worked for me. I am very impressed with the effects of the healing cards and would recommend them to anyone who would like to get healthy / stay healthy.

(note: I supplemented the healing cards with medicine as prescribed by doctor as well)

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