Dropbox crystal first usage and the tries after it

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Dropbox crystal first usage and the tries after it

Postby Lau » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:30 pm

As i reported on the other forum, i used the dropbox crystal for the first time to experiment if it worked on me or not, i got my musuclar pains relieved and sensed some tinglings after i dropboxed pains caused by dark influence, ai's or implants.

Closed all doors and windows and asked for foreing parts to be kicked out.
I'm not good with datas and also very forgetful, i only seem to remember old memories and even those need to be stimulated so i can remember them but by the date of my post's on the "close all your doors", i asked for it on January 9th, some days later i started to feel a cold energy on my back, not sure what it is so i freaked out and dropboxed the command to close all doors and kick all foreing parts but the dropbox doens't seems to work on me anymore after the first usage (no matter which commands i use) and that cold energy remains untill today.

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